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    Detecting multiple displays using Intel Graphics 520


      My laptop using Intel Graphics 520 cannot detect multiple displays. Details are:


      Laptop: ASUS UX305UA running WIN10, 64 bit

      Processor: Intel i7-6500

      Display adaptor: Intel Graphics 520 using driver


      I am trying to connect a second display, a TV display:

      Sony KDL40-V2000 (LCD panel 1360 x 768 running on 60Hz) using a HDMI cable (TV - HDMI, Laptop - mini HDMI


      When the above is connected up, the Intel Graphics Control Panel is unable to detect the second display, only the laptop display is recognised. I have tried changing the resolution on the Intel Graphics Control Panel from 1920 x 1080 (laptop display) using every intermediate resolution down to 1360 x 768 (TV display), without success.

      In case it is the HDMI cable, I have connected a camera using the HDMI cable to the TV display and that works, so the cable connection is good.


      What can I try next?