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    My Intel Skull Canyon NUC experiences BSOD when installing windows 10 pro how do I fix this problem?


      Hey all,


      Here are the hard drives and memory I'm using for my Skull Canyon NUC build.


      Patriot Viper 32GB (2 x 16G) 260-Pin DDR4 SO-DIMM DDR4 2400 (PC4 19200) Memory (Notebook Memory) Model PV432G240C5SK

      Samsung 960 m.2 EVO 1TB SSD

      Crucial mx300 m.2 1TB SSD


      The copies of windows 10 I have are windows 10 pro and they are the usb key ready versions that come in a usb stick form.


      I keep experiencing BSOD errors every time I install windows 10 Pro.


      The first thing I did when I encountered this problem was to buy a new version of windows 10 pro. So I bought a different copy of windows 10 pro because I thought maybe I got sent a bad image file.

      I then tried a new install with a different copy and encountered the same problem.


      After that I tried installing my original copy of windows 10 to my crucial mx300 instead of my samsung 1TB SSD because I wanted to see if it was a bad hard drive but I still ran into the same problem.


      I then tried buying a new Intel Skull Canyon NUC and then porting all my hard drives and memory to the brand new unit and ran into the same problem.


      I'm not sure what to do at this point I'm almost $2000 in the hole for all of this and none of this works.


      I'm looking for any solutions to this problem. Is there anything specific to these units that are problematic? Is there a thermal problem? I appreciate any assistance from the community from this. I'm a fan of Intel products and was very happy when something like this came out. Any help is welcome.


      I experience the bsod after it tells me that its either getting the device read or when I have to establish an internet connection


      Thanks again.

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          I would suspect that the RAM is causing this problem. The memory you are using is not listed on the tested memory lists for yours NUC:

          System Memory for Intel® NUC Kit NUC6i7KYK

          CMTL > Search > Tested Motherboard > Results

          Take into consideration that your NUC supports DDR4 speed of 2133 MHz while you are using 2400 MHz.




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            I see this over and over. The KY NUC was not designed for nor validated to work with memory running faster than 2133MHz. There are two issues. First, whether particular memory will work is dependent upon the noise present in the circuit as well as the rate at which memory transfers must be latched. It may be possible that it will work initially but, as circuits age, noise only increases. Eventually - or perhaps immediately - the noise will exceed the threshold and transfers will fail. When they do, this can manifest as memory read/write errors (sometimes recoverable, sometimes not) or it can lock up the memory bus completely. If the latter occurs, the recovery watchdog will (eventually) reset the system (the system will appear to spontaneously reboot). The second issue is that running memory at any speeds above 2133MHz is technically overclocking at least a part of the processor. This can result in higher system temperatures (even at idle) and even more-volatile temperature changes.


            Bottom line, I agree with Leon, testing with 2133MHz memory would be a prudent next-step. While it's true that this could be a red herring and have nothing to do with the actual issue, it is the thing that can most easily be tested...


            Hope this help,