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    Display Corruption on Resume from Standby on with HD Graphics 520




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      When resuming from standby, either by opening the laptop lid or activating the keyboard, the display becomes corrupt per the attached video. The laptop has to be hard powered off to recover. The corruption appears to be closely packed coloured bars. This only happens on drivers in the 15.46 series, not in the prior 15.45 series.

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      Lenovo Yoga 510 14-ISK (UK Model)

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      Hybrid, has AMD R5 M430

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      Rev 07

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      Windows 10 Pro 1703 (15063.483)

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      1080p 60

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      1. Power on laptop
      2. Enter standby by closing lid, or selecting from start menu
      3. Power device back on
      4. Screen is corrupted and cannot be recovered. Device has to be rebooted using hard ACPI power off (holding down power button).