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    Flow Director configuration not working



      I am using the i40e_4.4.0 driver for XL710 Network Card. Currently, I am trying to loopback the connections.


      For this purpose, I had to set the two ports on promiscuous mode. Thus, using my application, I crated custom UDP packets.


      For the Rx Queue setting, I have set the flow director as:


      ethtool -N ens1f0 flow-type udp4 dst-port 319 action 3 loc

      ethtool -N ens1f1 flow-type udp4 dst-port 319 action 3 loc


      Essentially, I want all the packets with this dst-port to be forwarded to Queue 3. I can also see the rule has been inserted.


      But, as seen in the attached picture, the flow director is not able to match the incoming packet. Thus, it does not forward the incoming packet to my desired queue.




      Is this error due to promiscuous mode that I had set on the NIC ports ?


      I am not sure what's creating this issue. Also, I have verified that the incoming packet is destined for Port 319.


      I will be able to provide other details, if needed !


      I would appreciate any help.


      Thanks !