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    ITECIR IR Receiver disconnects on all 2017 NUC


      After the last thread about this issue was falsely closed, here is the new one.


      I hope we will get more support this time.


      Like I said last time, I think it's a driver issue.


      So whats the problem?


      On all 2017 Intel NUCs I've seen the ITECIR IR Receiver disonnects after a while or it starts with a disconnected IR Receiver.


      Why I know this? Well, the ITECIR IR Receiver sometimes is shown at the device manager at startup and sometimes it's not.

      When you click on view/ show hidden in the device manager, it will be shown. When you click on settings, the device shows it's disconnected.


      Why I think it's a driver issue? Starting the NUC over IR works 100%. But I want to shut it down over infrared doesn't work most times. After a while of using the NUC the ITECIR IR Receiver is with high probability disconnected.


      Why nobody cares? I think the most people don't use the IR Receiver, so it's no problem for them. I buyed a Logitech Harmony Elite to start and shutdown the NUC over IR and control it by bluetooth. This error bothers me very.


      My configuration:

      Intel NUC7i5BNK

      2x4 GB Crucal CT2K4G4SFS8213

      1x 250 GB Samsung 960 m.2 SSD

      Windows 10 Professional


      The connnected AVR and TV doen't have importance I think. In the last thread Intel unfortunately testet a nonsensical setup. Please test only the NUC and check the device manager regularely. You will see, the ITECIR IR Receiver dissapears.


      Here some Screenshots:

      - After Startup: ITECIR IR Reciver can be found at the device manager.


      - After a while of using. ITECIR IR Receiver is gone.


      After clicking on: view/ show hidden. The symbol means it's disconnected.


      The settings show: It's disconnected.


      I'm using actual drivers.


      After a reboot. It's connected. The game begins again.



      INTEL, I believe in your support and your products. Please, let's find a answer this time. Thank you.

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