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    How to power two HDD on NUC 7i3BNH?


      Hi there!

      I would like to purchase a NUC 7i3BNH in order to build up a DIY pc removing the NUC board from the case (I don't care about warranty, but maybe shoul be better if I purchase the lone board 7i3BNB).

      I need to power a couple of  SATA HDD instead  an M.2 SSD and a SATA SSD according to the NUC  board specifications.

      I would like to put a 2,5" 1TB HDD on the M.2 slot through a M.2-SATA adaptor, and a 3.5" 1.5TB HDD on the SATA port, but I can't figure out if the board could provide enough power to run smoothly the two HDD.

      I have also thought to put the 3.5" HDD on an USB3 port through an adapter (maybe the orange one).


      Any suggestion?

      I don't want to purchase new SSD.


      Thanks in advance!