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    Bluetooth stopped working overnight, Device Manager refreshes constantly


      Yesterday everything was working fine with my Bluetooth mouse and keyboard on my NUC5i7RYH (Windows 10-64 bit).


      This morning I could not get the display to wake by tapping the keyboard or clicking the mouse. I plugged in a USB mouse and it opened right up.


      I went into the Settings and in the Bluetooth settings it showed my mouse and keyboard but said that Bluetooth is off. There is no place to turn BT on or off. I run the Windows trouble shooter and it acknowledges the issue and says it was repaired but it still doesn't work.


      I went into Device Manager, which was constantly refreshing and checked for BT driver updates, no joy. I then downloaded the BT updates and the Wireless Device Updates from Intel, installed them and still it doesn't work. (Intel BT, dated 4-7-17)


      I then went back into Device Manager and totally deleted the Bluetooth entry and deleted the driver. After that the window stopped refreshing constantly. I then reinstalled the device by letting Device Manager find it and it still doesn't work.


      If I disable the device in Device Manager it stops refreshing.


      I had had the computer off for about a week and after I turned it on the other day there were some Windows Updates ready so they were installed. (2017-07 Cumulative and Security) It seeped to work the rest of the day and the displays would go to sleep as usual after 10 minutes and I Could awaken them with a mouse click of a tap of the keyboard until this morning. I know the machine did not reboot over night since several applications were working normally when I got up.


      I don't know if they use the same chip or not but if they do the WiFi seems to work fine.


      Any ideas what to do next?