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    Setting up Raid 0 under Win7-HP-64




      I want to setup a Raid 0 array on my computer but can not find a simple set of steps to follow to make this happen.  It appears that there are no drivers for Win7-64 for the controller (ICH9R). I do not want to rebuild my machine but I will if there is no other way.  When I set the bios to Raid, created the raid volume and rebooted the system crashed hard!  Any advice would be appreciated.


      Machine Specs are as follows:



      Disk0 is WD400

      Disk2 is WD500 (Black Cavair)


      Disk4 is WD500 (Black Cavair)


      Disk2&4 will be Raid 0 volume


      Base processor

      Core 2 Quad Q6600 (K) 2.4 GHz (95W)
      • 1066 MHz front side bus
      • Socket 775
      Intel G33 Express
      • Manufacturer: Asus
      • Motherboard Name: IPIBL-LA
      • HP/Compaq motherboard name: Berkeley-GL8E