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    Does 25 mg of L3 Cache Make a Big Difference over 15 mg?


      Trying to upgrade my Asus Z9PA-D8 motherboard with either Dual Xeon 2687W V2 ES QE83  3.4Ghz 6 Core 15MB or Dual E5-2667 V2 CPU with 8 core and 25 mg of cache.


      Both turbo at 4.0 and the and their clock speed is only a 0.1 difference.


      On the used market the 2687W V2 ES is 1/2 the price as the 2667. 


      But what's odd is the 2687W is only 6 cores not 8 where I can't seem to find the specs on the 6 core anyware to make a clear decision.


      So it's it's just the cores that the difference, then I was wondering what about the cache?  Does the 25 mg of cache make a lot of difference?


      I'll be using it for both audio video editing using Adobe Premiere and AE.


      Thanks for your help!