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    Code on monitor " 0 ", Code on monitor " 0


      Please tell me what this code mean because my pc is not starting up

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          Al Hill

          So much information!


          Tell us about your system.

          What processor model number?

          What graphics?

          Do you have an add-on graphics card?  If so, what card and model number?

          What motherboard?

          What Operating system?

          Was the PC working BEFORE you changed something?  If so, what did you change?



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            When you see the POST Code value reach 0 (zero), it means that BIOS POST operations have completed successfully and the BIOS is transitioning into the boot process. A hang at this point means that there is a problem with the boot image and/or the boot device and/or motherboard components (like memory)


            As Al asked, what changed? What did you do just prior to the problem occurring for the first time? What O/S is the board trying to boot? Please answer all of the other questions asked.