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    AMT discovery tools do not work on WinPE 10 64 system


      Since I am new in the forum  "Hello everyone"


      In my company we use USB tool based on WinPE image. Among many functions it detects the V-pro status such as enabled, disabled, pre-provision, post-prrovision etc. Now we are preparing to switch to UEFI deployment, we switch from WinPE 4.0 32 bit to WinPE 10 64 bit. To detect the AMT status in Winpe4.0 32 bit I used to run 'SCSDiscovery.exe'  and 'ACUConfig.exe', then I parsed the output log accordingly.


      Now the problem is those tools no longer works in Winpe 64 bit because the tools are apparently 32 bit applications.

      The error I get is : "This version of SCSDiscovery.exe is not compatible with the version of Windows you're using. Check you computer's system information and then contact the software publisher". In this case the publisher is Intel. I search through and through but I could not find 64 bit version of the tools.


      I tried to play with WMI class. I installed ad-hoc 'heci.inf' and 'mesrl.inf' drivers. But I am unable to query any of the WMI classes described in Intel(R) AMT SDK Implementation and Reference Guide . They are just not present even the drivers are installed.

      My questions are:


      1. Where can I download 64 bit version of the v-pro detection tools ?

      2. How to detect the v-pro status on WinPE 64 bit OS ?


      Many thanks in advance.