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    DQ45CB / GMA4500 - DVI, single/dual-link? reduced blanking?




      I got a question and problem with a DQ45CB and the onboard-GMA4500, system is Win XP Prof. SP3:


      x) Does DVI support dual-link?

      x) Does DVI support reduced blanking for single-link?


      My problem in general is that after installing the graphic-drivers, as soon as it (automatically switches to 1920x1080), the TFT goes black. Since it switches to 1920x1080 as soon as windows booted to the desktop, i cannot check anything about setttings or such. When i use the VGA-adapter and a d-sub-cable, i can run the same TFT at 1920x1080, but i'd prefere the DVI-cable and since windows treads it as a different screen depending on VGA or DVI, i cannot do much. Anyone seen such problem?