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    ZR300 and Dev Environment


      Hi everybody,

      I write this message to try to clarify the compatibility between the ZR300 and windows which is my dev environment.

      My goal is to develop some applications with this camera and currently I have to use it on windows 7 or 10.


      I installed the official version of the SDK from intel website: https://software.intel.com/en-us/intel-realsense-sdk/download

      I tried to run the 3 samples available on the SDK sample browser and the tool part.


      I read in dev guide from the intel documentation (installed with the SDK) that to be sure the camera is operational you have to run the camera explorer.

      It’s expected to see the camera you’ve connected but in my case I only have the message “not connected”.

      However my camera seems connected because I can see some streams with the 3 samples C++ (camera viewer, projection and raw streams).

      I even checked on the device manager that the device was installed and it’s correct.


      According to my results, I think the problem comes from the compatibility between the ZR300 and windows OS. So my questions are:


      Is it possible to use all the functionalities of the ZR300 on windows OS?

      And if not,

      Linux (Ubuntu) is it the best way to use it and develop some application?

      Also, is it normal that I can’t find a Depth Camera Manager for the ZR300?  


      I’ve already read these threads:




      And I know that there is the opensource librealsense available on github that you can built for windows.

      But in my case I should use the official SDK.


      Thanks for all !

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          Unfortunately, using Librealsense in Windows is the only option for using the ZR300 with the main Windows 10 version. 


          The ZR300 can be used in conjunction with an Intel Joule computing board with Windows 10 IoT Core (a version of Windows for connecting to hardware via the Internet of Things).


          I believe IoT Core is a stripped down version of the Windows 10 architecture though.  Windows 10 IoT Enterprise claims to be a full version of Windows 10 that is equal to Windows 10 Enterprise.


          Windows 10 IoT Core Official Website | Developer Resource | Windows IoT


          I do not know if Windows 10 IoT Enterprise would work with the Joule and ZR300 though.  The last time that the question was asked in Dec 2016, Intel support staff member Jose P advised "I would recommend to ask the Windows community if Windows 10 IoT Enterprise is compatible with the Intel Joule."

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            Thanks for your answer MartyG !

            As you said, I will use librealsense if it’s the only way to use it on Windows.


            Also, do you know if I can use the official SDK on Linux with all the ZR300 functionalities?

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              I remembered something else now.  Although the ZR300 can be used with Librealsense, the camera is only supported for use in Ubuntu, according to the ZR300's minimum specification sheet.  I'm very sorry about giving hope about using it with Librealsense in Windows.  The situation surrounding what ZR300 is and isn't compatible with is somewhat confusing.  :/


              For using the camera with Linux, I would recommend the Intel RealSense SDK for Linux, which installs Librealsense as part of its modules.


              Intel® RealSense™ SDK for Linux: Main Page

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                Ok MartyG thank you for this information !