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    Itermittent problems


      Hi, I am continuing to get errors with my custom computer build. These errors occurred since day one and are extremely difficult to rectify. My computer will work fine with no problems for weeks but suddenly when i turn it on or restart it I get one of the following:


      1. Blank screen followed by monitor going into sleep mode

      2. POST screen followed by windows screen with artefacts before going into sleep mode


      I am then able to leave it off for a period of time (sometimes short, sometimes longer) and it will startup and work fine.


      My specs:


      Intel DX58SO

      I7 920

      3 GB 1333 MHZ RAM

      ATI RADEON 4890 1GB

      600W power supply with plenty on 12v rails


      I replaced power supply, same issues, I replaced graphics card. same issues. Is a processor able to produce artefacts on screen? It cannot be my graphics card as it is different from original and I got same issues with that. Does this suggest processor is faulty or maybe even a faulty motherboard? I do not know anyone with experience of these strange errors and it cannot be taken to a shop to be fixed as it is not easy to know exactly where the fault is and also it may work fine and they will tell me no errors only for it to go wrong again in a month.


      Any help greatly appreciated