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    Windows 7 + Intel X25-V = FAIL


      Asus P5K-V - BIOS 1002 - latest

      Q6600 Quad Core at 2.4 GHz - no overclock

      SSD Intel X25-V 40 Gb - firmware 2CV102HD - latest
      Leadtek 8600GT

      4 Gb RAM at 800 Mhz - no overclock, also tried setting it to 666 Mhz but it doesn't help

      LG DVD Writer

      I have taken out tv tuner, bluetooth dongle, second sound card, 2 WD HDD 250 Gb each.

      I have tried 2 versions of Windows 7 Ultimate x64 and one version of Windows 7 Ultimate x86 - none works.

      First version of x64 - goes past first restart, it hangs at Completing installation... step.

      Second version of x64 - goes past first 2 restarts, it hangs after a couple of minutes after second restart. Second restart is right after the Completing installation... step.

      x86 - goes past first 2 restarts, it hangs after a couple of minutes after second restart. This version of Windows 7 x86 works perfectly on my classic WD 250 Gb HDD for about 6 months.

      The BIOS settings for SATA are: SATA Mode Enhanced and AHCI Enabled.

      I have also installed Vistal Ultimate SP1 and it works perfectly. Haven't installed any drivers though.

      Some people said to install Windows 7 over Vista, on the same partition. Did that, formatting the Vista partition, it didn't helped.

      When I try to install Windows 7, it creates 2 partitions: one small - 100 Mb, one larger - remaining space. Is that normal? Vista on SSD and 7 on HDD don't do that.

      The SSD drive seems fine when I acces it from my old Windows 7, it's a brand new drive.

      Is there a problem if I put the drive upside down? The adapter bracket is on top and the drive below it.

      I have downloaded Intel SSD Toolbox and all report are fine: SMART and fast diagnostic scan are OK.