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    SR300 Commercial Use


      Commercial Use

      The development kits that are for sale on Click are meant for development purposes only. They come with a 90-day return policy. Therefore they are not recommended for commercial use or productization.

      For commercial use, we recommend you purchase camera modules (they are what is inside the development kit) from Intel distributors.

      Does it imply that for commercialization, we need to buy camera modules and assemble them by our self?

      I live in South Korea, it is not easy to find Intel Authorized Distributors in nearby country.
      Is it prohibited to sell products which include RealSense Camera (SR300) as one of its hardware component?

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          Strangely, Korea was not listed on the front page of Intel's list of countries on the international approved distributor list, but Korea does have Intel distributors if you dig within the distributor search system.



          My interpretation of the rules is that you cannot sell an Intel Developer Kit camera (the one in the casing) commercially, but you can integrate the board inside the case into a commercial product if you order it from a distributor.


          I found that Intel had two separate lists of distributors, one called Resellers (that didn't have Korea) and one called Partners (that did list Korea).  They are all authorised distributors though.  I will let Intel know about the discrepancy so others know that Korea has distributors.  Thanks!

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            Intel Corporation
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            Hello Putu,

            Thanks for reaching out!

            We do not recommend for the SR300 to be used for productization due to its short 90-day return policy (this would meant that there is no warranty on the product).

            In https://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/partner/where-to-buy/overview.html, you will find the list of authorized distributors. South Korea does appear, but it is listed just as Korea.

            I hope this information helps you,
            Pedro M.

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