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    Registering New Nodes




      I have installed ORB_SLAM2 in my home directory (/home/smishra) and my ros package named ORB_SLAM2 is located at /home/smishra/ORB_SLAM2/Examples/ROS/  and this particular path is in my ROS_PKG_PATH as well. when I do a roscd ORB_SLAM2 I am taken to  /home/smishra/ORB_SLAM2/Examples/ROS/ORB_SLAM2/ so the package is in the rosbash. Yet, when I try to Register New Nodes in the web interface by entering the node name as mentioned in my launch file and the package name as ORB_SLAM2, a error message is flashed on the top of that dialog box and it complains that either the package ORB_SLAM2 doesnt exist or it doesnt have a folder named launch which contains a launch file. I don't understand why I have this issue despite having a package called ORB_SLAM2 which has a launch folder with an appropriate launch file.


      When I do a roslaunch ORB_SLAM2 <name of launch file>.launch on the euclid's terminal, it launches the appropriate node. So there is no reason why I should not be able to register this as a new node in the web interface.


      Any help will be gratefully acknowledged!

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          I am by no means an expert so take this with a grain of salt, but from what I did to get a new node added was:

          1. cd to /Intel/Euclid/euclid_ws/src
          2. clone github repo for the node I was loading
          3. cd back to  euclid_ws and run catkin_make


          you should then create a new euclid node but it has to specific to the ros node name so that it will display the roslaunch and/ros publishers

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            Thanks! I think that's the only way of doing it. I mean, one has to create packages inside the euclid_ws or edit the scripts located at /intel/euclid/config/, which set various environments,  accordingly.


            Just out of curiosity, if you have the luxury of time, create a catkin_ws in your home folder and then create a package inside it and later try adding this package using the web interface. Let me know what you see.




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              Hi SubMarIn,

              In general as you said, you can put your package in the catkin_ws and that will work.

              Also you can see from the Euclid code under 'FindLaunchFiles' we use rospkg to get launch files for that specific package.

              So maybe somehow rospkg does not find your package path or underline launch files ?





              Euclid Development Team.