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    2.5 drive disappears intermittently




      I have a NUC d54250wykh.  My 2.5" SATA drive seems to disappear intermittently. I learned from these forum posts that there was an issue with the SATA daughter card. How do I go about acquiring a replacement SATA daughter board. I tried to submit a support request but I do not see this model listed.




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          It is true that the first batch of WY NUCs produced had a defect in the design of the SATA daughter card that caused some drives to suffer intermittent disconnections. A replacement daughter card and cable assembly was produced and made available. Folks simply had to request this through Intel Customer Support and it would be sent to them.


          This happened 4 years ago (where have you been hiding?). Three generations of NUCs have been subsequently released and support for these older designs has been terminated. It is certainly true that, if you attempt to use the online support forms, you will not find this unit in the list available for support. It is also true that, because of how long it has been, the replacement board and cable assembly may no longer be stocked. The only way you are going to find out is if you contact Intel Customer Support (ICS) directly. I recommend that you do so via phone. If you are lucky, they may have one or two of these assembly's left. Intel has numbers for contacting ICS world-wide. Here are pages providing contact information by geography:


          Intel Customer Support Contact Information for US and Canada

          Intel Customer Support Contact Information for Europe, Middle East and Africa

          Intel Customer Support Contact Information for Asia-Pacific

          Intel Customer Support Contact Information for Latin America


          Hope this helps,


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            Thanks for the reply. Haha, you are correct. It has been ages since I got it. I have been using an mSATA drive for a long time. I set this nuc up for some low power computing but never really used it much. I finally installed a SATA for expanded storage and ran into this.


            Honestly, I was even looking at ebay and other sources with the part number (H30274-005) to see if I can find a replacement part. But hoping that Intel can help source it. I know its been a long time but hoping that it is not an SOL scenario.


            I did contact US support to see if I can get it resolved, so far they have been pretty fast in their response.