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    Intel Real Sense SR 300 and Cappasity


      Good Day intel Real Sense Community!


      In relation to my previous questions, in which intel real sense camera can perform scanning of jewelries. Sir MartyG said that the SR300 can do the job.

      We are mainly focused on scanning of jewelries and the 3D files that we can get after the scanning, Is it necessary to subscribe to cappasity in order for us to embed the 3D files to our website?


      Also, this one very important question. Is the SR300 can reduce the 3D Designer's time in editing the mesh/3D files of the scanned object? Our purpose on purchasing the intel Real Sense 3D Camera is to reduced the work/time of the 3D designer. will it be helpful?


      Do you have any reviews of designer's who tried the 3D scan using the SR300?


      Thank you very much. I hope that somebody can share and give their opinions or ideas regarding this matter.

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          Any good professional 3D modeling software (Blender, Maya, 3DS Max, etc) will allow the import of .OBJ format model files created by RealSense scans for further editing, as .OBJ is a widely supported file format.  So in that way you are reducing the workload / time of the 3D designer because it would take a lot longer to create a 3D model from the beginning instead of making a scan with RealiSense and then refining it in editing.


          My interepretation of the pricing rules is that you can create a free Cappasity account and embed images on your website, but the images will have a watermark on them.  For watermark-less embedding you need to subscribe to at least a Basic level account for $34.99 a month or $349 a year.  Cappasity suggest trying a free account first to see if you are satisfied before subscribing to a Basic account to remove the watermark.




          The internationally respected IEEE engineering organization has published a paper that scientifically reviews the SR300.  They state in the paper's conclusions that "... despite the device is born for addressing applications such as tracking, gaming or gesture recognition, it could also be satisfactorily employed as a 3D scanner i.e. could be referred as a low-cost device for a number of 3D scanning applications."


          IEEE Xplore Full-Text PDF:

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            Thank you very much Sir  MartyG for your reply. As the demonstration video of Cappasity scanning a shoe (Cappasity Easy 3D Scan™ Using Intel® Realsense™ - YouTube ). Can you simply explain it to me, because they said that we can use the DSLR camera for full textures and color quality. For using the concept in Jewelry scanning, we need to have a SR300 in order to capture the mesh. Correct me if i'm wrong sir, if we use the DSLR, can we get the full texture and colors of jewelry? So in this matter we need the combination of DSLR and SR300?

            What kind of file can we get if we use a DSLR?  Can we obtain a .OBJ file  or any 3D files (with texture and colors) editable in 3D designing Softwares upon using DSLR? Thank you.

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              An article by Cappasity said that the DSLR camera enables the creation of very high quality color textures.  They also said though that the SR300 camera on its own could produce "perfect" quality RGB color.  If you are scanning jewelry though then I imagine you might want DSLR to achieve the very highest level of detail possible in the texture.  Cappacity says that the DSLR support is intended for users who need enterprise-quality images.


              Cappasity's information for their Easy 3D Scan software says that "Canon DSLR cameras are fully controlled by the software".  This suggests that once a DSLR camera is attached, the software can use the camera's capabilities automatically during the scan.


              The information also says that Easy 3D Scan has a "complete 3D image editing workflow", implying that you could edit the scanned object within the same software that made the scan instead of importing it into another 3D modeling pcakage.


              You should be able to export an .OBJ from Cappasity made with a DSLR, as it is likely the same process as exporting a scan made with the SR300 alone, except with higher texture quality.


              3D People Full-Body Scanning System With Intel® RealSense™ 3D Cameras and Intel® Edison: How We Did It | Intel® Software

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                Thank you Sir MartyG for the quick reply. The situation is like this, We have the SR300, The Easy Scan software and the DSLR. Will it connect, scan and captured together in one software? Because  i"m afraid that  maybe one of the device is not supported by the software.

                Secondly, after scanning using those devices it must be a 3D model, in what particular file type can we get? Is it .OBJ or any other 3D file types in which our designer can use to edit and obtain the textures and colors.


                I'm a liitle bit confused because we contacted the Cappasity and ask if we can get  .OBJ file or any other 3D model file but there answer is No.

                Thank you very much sir, i hope you can help me with our confusions about this matter.

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                  I found the Easy 3D Scan documentation page related to DSLR.  It says that the DSLR camera works automatically when connected with USB and you do not need special drivers for it.  It also lists DSLR cameras that will work with Easy Scan.


                  Connecting a Canon camera (Windows only) - Cappasity Easy 3D Scan - Confluence


                  The documentation also explains how to use the software for editing the scan.  It gives jewelry as an example of what can be scanned with the software.  "You can create a 3D View of any object - you are only limited by the size of your photo setup. Jewelry, accessories, toys, bags, shoes, clothes, etc."


                  You can upload your model to the internet 'cloud' from within Easy 3D Scan so that you can embed it in your website.


                  Here's a link to the PDF version of the Easy 3D Scan for RealSense manual.




                  The manual states that Easy 3D Scan can export t into OBJ, STL and WRL.  You need a Cappasity account to do this.


                  "When the app launches, you will need to create an account on the Cappasity platform to store 3D models, export into .OBJ/.STL/.WRL, activate or change your subscription plan, as well as store 3D models for embedding into websites.  To create an account, click “First Time?”.  By default you will receive a free account to test out the program and make sure it suits your needs.  You can change the subscription plan at any time depending on your tasks by going to the Account menu."

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                    Thank you very much sir, I will try the software first and  study the manuals and articles then i will get back to you for whatever the result may get.

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                      Good Day sir MartyG!


                      I just wanna ask if we buy the Intel Real sense SR300 and use it for scanning of our jewelries, does it have its own software to do the scanning without depending on the cappasity software?

                      If have, can we download the scanned 3d model by the real sense software alone and what is the kind of 3D file that we can get using the software of SR300?

                      Can we import/export it to another editing software like 3dsMax? I'm confused about the merging of the two technology, if we can use the sr300 with its own software then it will be much better.


                      Thank you and looking forward for your kind response.

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                        The RealSense SDK comes with a free sample program called 3DScan.  It can do basic object scanning and export models in the .OBJ format so that you can import them into another package such as 3DS Max, but it is of course limited in its features compared to Cappasity's Easy 3D Scan.

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                          Thank for the reply sir, may i know what are the limitations of the real sense software compared to the cappasity?

                          Is it the scanned quality issues like colors and textures?

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                            Like Cappasity said, the SR300 alone is capable of very high quality color texture scans.  By limitations, I simply mean that it cannot do much other than scanning (for example, there are no model editing or cloud embedding features like Easy 3D Scan has).


                            I produced an image that shows all of 3DScan's modes in a single picture.


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                              Thank you, you said that there is no model editing in the software. My question is, most probably how many percent of colors and textures it can scan when it comes to jewelries?

                              will the designer can get enough details using the real sense software? I mean after scanning and exporting the .OBJ file, can the designer import it directly to other software like 3dsmax to recover/repair the details or we need cappasity also for color and texture recovering?

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                                Cappasity described the SR300's color texture capture as "perfect", which seems like a very good recommendation of the color camera's ability.  Using a DSLR camera with the SR300 just enabled a higher level of perfect, for companies that needed the very best image quality.  It is possible that you could achieve what you are trying to do with the SR300 on its own. 


                                As McCool said on your other discussion though, you may encounter problems with capturing images of reflective surfaces on jewelry with the SR300, something that could be addressed by putting a powder or spray on the jewelry, he said..


                                Re: Follow up Question-Intel Real Sense 3D Camera


                                If you want to retain the texture details of an .OBJ file exported from the 3DScan program, you should convert the .OBJ into a .PLY format file.

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                                  Do you have any .OBJ sample or screen shot directly from the intel real sense 3D scan software? Thank you.

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                                    From this review:




                                    Note: this image was taken with the SR300 camera's predecessor the F200.


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