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    NUC7I3BNH is not powering on anymore




      I own a NUC7i3BNH and it was working perfectly for the past months until today.


      I kept the unit downloading some stuff and when I came back from work it was turned off and the power LED was amber. When pressing the power button the LED turned off and nothing happened (no blue ring nor blue power), disconnecting the power cable and connecting it back brings turns back power button amber LED but pressing it again, as before, does nothing.


      I disassembled the unit and disconnected the CMOS battery for 1 hour and assembled everything back again and connected the power cable. But this time, there was no amber power LED! the unit was dead and the only sign of life was the green light on the board.


      I was running Windows 10 with the latest BIOS firmware and drivers, I rarely used the unit until recently where it was running for 2-3 days straight and suddenly decided not to work anymore.


      Tried removing the RAM and SSD hoping to hear warning beeps but nothing happened. Does this mean the device is bricked? Any chance the power adapter is not giving enough voltage?


      Most of the issues in these forums related to mine are linked to BIOS updates, but mine was updated successfully when I first got the unit and it was working fine since then.


      Any help would be appreciated.


      Thank you,