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    Intel's laying off 12,000 people: Five hurdles Intel faces in the near future


      Chip giant Intel has announced it will reduce its global workforce by “up to” 12,000 staff – or an approximately 11 percent of all workers at the company. Clearly it’s not all plain sailing for Intel as the business plans to realign its focus away from the PC market and towards data centre and internet of things divisions.There have been indications over the years of a rocky road ahead for Intel – and it faces some intriguing challenges to retain its dominance in the chip market. From the emergence of smartphones to the perception of Intel as a monopolising juggernaught, here are a few of the factors Intel will have to face up to in the coming years. We’ve seen traditional PC vendors like Dell and HP understand that the landscape’s been changing over the years. Shipments worldwide have been decreasing – with recent Gartner reports pointing to a 9.6 percent global decrease and a 10 percent quarterly decline in EMEA over the last year. Intel famously trounced its rivals, some would say by whatever means necessary, to gain the lion’s share of this market. But consumer demand is unlikely to match anything seen in the heights of the PC market's heyday. While we saw Intel have a good go at rebranding the personal laptop as the Ultrabook several years ago, this has failed to be the boon it hoped for. And although it bet big on Chromebooks, this too couldn’t stem wider market declines.



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