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    Reset RAID causes Status: Degraded


      1. I had a RAID-1 bootable volume on my Windows 7 system.
      2. I entered the RAID BIOS via Ctrl-I at boot time, and RESET the RAID.
      3. I then had two identical disks.
      4. I repurposed one of the disks into a separate Windows striped volume on the same machine, the second disk in this stripe was attached via the on-board disk controller, not the intel controller.  The new stripe works fine, and my single boot disk works fine too.
      5. BUT!! The RST application now shows an error pertaining to the original RAID-1 volume: "Status: Degraded.  Fix any problems on the array disks, or rebuild the volume to a new disk"


      How do I tell the RST application to foget about the original RAID-1 volume?
      The app says I have an array (Array_0000) containing a  1TB drive and a 0GB missing drive (with a yelllow exlamation mark).
      If I select the "Delete Volume" option, will my boot disk remain intact?