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    Help! I (sort of) locked myself out of the Intel Graphics Settings.


      Win10, Intel HD 520, HP Pavilion laptop.


      So here is my story. I got a new laptop, and I wanted to display it on my TV. Hooked it up, and it worked. Soon, though, I noticed that the TV was cutting off the edges of the screen. I went into the Intel Graphics Settings, and learned how to fix that. Then I discovered that a game would override the settings, and chop off the edges again. I shrugged and said nothings perfect.


      Well, I found that it does matter. It's hard to click on buttons you can't see. So back into the Settings I went.


      While changing this setting and that setting, my tv blanked, and a message "This TV does not support the output resolution" blah blah blah.


      So I waited for the "Do you want to keep these settings?" message to time out, and everything to go back. It didn't.


      So, to make my problem clear-

      1.TV won't show laptop screen.

      2. Can't see to fix settings.

      3.Can't load the TV profile I made, unless it's plugged in, so I can't delete it. Back to 1.


      I hope I made this clear.


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