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    Using USB Microphone issue in intel edison.


      Hi again! I'm jaeuk Lee.


      In a few days, I'm doing many question about Intel Edison mini breakout board.

      I'm still have problem about I2S Microphone and speaker issue.( it is sorry but I don't want to any intel official document like 'audio guide pdf' any others..) if you have any solution about this issue, please give me a message.


      On the other hand, I try another way to use microphone. So I connect USB MIC into 3port USB hub and

      Finally, I success my aim. Using [lsusb] and [arecord], recorded my voice and I played my recorded voice at my computer.

      but I want to know that my voice amplitude.  That mean, I want to see my voice amplitude in a real time(like when I use analog mic).  is there any solution that issue?

      I'm waiting your reply.

      Thank you!