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    Laptop running games is not in accordance with the Intel gaming site


      Hello, I'm a new member, and I hope that you can help me with something.

      Last December, I bought a Lenovo laptop

      Core i3 6100U

      Ram 4GB

      Intel Graphics HD 520

      Win 10 64 bit

      Screen resolution 1366x768

      I noticed on the Intel gaming website that I can play some heavy games like Company of heroes 2, Rainbow Six Siege and others.

      But when I got into the games, they are barely running. COH2 I put to the lowest settings and it's still lag as hell.

      Siege the same.

      So is there something wrong with my lap or....the site is inaccurate?

      Do I need to update drivers or something? If so, how can I update it, because I tried some time ago and it said, my graphic is not Intel made, so....that complicated things.

      So how do I do it if I need to update driver?

      Second, my lap is getting slower, is there any way to make it faster? I'm low on money so any non-cost options is welcome.

      Thank you