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    Lagging animations at 4K resolution (running at Windows 10)

    AmirHossein Ahmadi

      Hey there, I'm using Asus Zenbook UX510UW with 4K (3840 * 2160) screen with switchable graphics: (Intel HD Graphics 620 & Nvidia GeForce GTX960m).


      My problem is that the windows animations are lagging (while maximizing or reopening the tab and opening start menu and especially while switching to the task view)

      all of my graphic drivers are installed and up to date.


      and I think it's related to My 4K resolution; Because I saw a lot of 4K screens (running at Windows 10) that they have the same problem.

      but I had a laptop with a Full HD screen and I've never seen this problem at that.


      and then I noticed when I change the resolution to 1080p, everything is very well, all of animations and effects are pretty smooth. This is interesting!

      but I think the "Intel HD graphics 620" has the enough processing power and it can handle the Windows simple animations..! or is not Windows 10 compatible with 4K resolution. Am I right?


      I thought this is related to Intel GPU Memory, then I have changed "Dedicated Video Memory" from 128MB to 512MB but It doesn't help.


      I think this problem is only for who has switchable graphics (Intel HD Graphics with Nvidia or AMD).

      because i saw many systems with one GPU (High-Performance GPU) and 4K resolution that they run Windows animations very smoothly


      How I fix this problem? Is there a solution?

      Sorry for my English, Thank you.