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    Reloading database from file through SetDatabaseBuffer not working in Face recognition.



           I need to save the recognized user in a database, so the app can load the data later for the camera to recognize the user as a registered user. I downloaded a sample application and it works well. it detects users and register the user but when i close the application and restart then it never recognizes the user if the user is loaded from the database file.

      I saved the data in database with the following code:


              private void SaveDatabaseToFile()


                  // Allocate the buffer to save the database

                  PXCMFaceData.RecognitionModuleData recognitionModuleData = faceData.QueryRecognitionModule();

                  Int32 nBytes = recognitionModuleData.QueryDatabaseSize();

                  Byte[] buffer = new Byte[nBytes];


                  // Retrieve the database buffer



                  // Save the buffer to a file

                  // (NOTE: production software should use file encryption for privacy protection)

                  File.WriteAllBytes(DatabaseFilename, buffer);

                  dbState = "Saved";



      For reloading the saved database file i used this code.


      private void LoadDatabaseFromFile()


                  if (File.Exists(DatabaseFilename))


                      Byte[] buffer = File.ReadAllBytes(DatabaseFilename);


                      dbState = "Loaded";




                      dbState = "Not Found";