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    NUC7i3BNH Post Fails after changing IGD size



      I was playing around in BIOS today to try to identify a HDMI display error. However I changed the IGD size to 4 MBytes and now my system wont POST. I have tried to rest BIOS by moving the Yellow jumper (as holding the power button between 3-4 sec does not work at all) but the system never goes into BIOS.

      When booting I can see the F2, F7, F10 options but the system freezes there, i.e. does not load my OS, nor allow me to select any F-key.


      As it stands now I'm stuck. Is there anything that can be done apart from getting a replacement?


      BIOS seems to be very unstable. I'm on Version 47, updated from 46. Had to do the update twice as the process also got stuck. The Unit get's really hot when used, perhaps that's normal?