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    New laptop no longer works with 4K TV -- it did 30 days ago -- why?


      I have a new Dell Inspiron 5577 laptop whose display output is controlled by Intel 630 graphics.  A month ago, after much trouble, I was able to get it to drive a 4K TV at 3840x2160, 29Hz.  It worked then with two LG models.


      Today when I plugged one of those TVs into the HDMI port the laptop screen went black and the TV reported no signal.  Windows kept running, oblivious of any problem, and unplugging the TV restored the laptop display.  This could be repeated indefinitely.


      Of course the (severely brain dead) MS and Intel display control panels were of no help; nor did reinstalling the Graphics 630 driver make any difference.


      Evidently something installed during the last month by MS, Dell or Intel (all of whose automatic updates I accept) has destroyed the previous function -- which was the main reason I bought this laptop: I really need the 4K TV connection for my photography business. 


      Practical help only, please.