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    Intel RealSense R200 Noisy Depth Map




      I’m having some trouble with my Intel Real Sense R200 camera. Where i work we bought an intel realsense camera (R200 model) on october last year, now we have a computer vision project where we thought using a 3D camera would be nice. So i started some tests with the R200 RealSense camera, however the image i get from the R200 camera is too noisy, it’s noisy up to the point where we are probably going to give up on using it. I left a screenshot as attachment, where you can see the problems i’m facing. Before we try another approach, i would like to know the following:

      - Is this the quality of image i can expect from a 3D camera?

      - What might be the cause of this noisy image?

      - Is there a way to get a better image?


      Thanks in advance,

      Best regards,

      Paulo Haacke

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          It looks as though you have attached the camera to the room's ceiling pointing downwards?  Judging by the brightness of the illumination on the surfaces, I would guess you have attached it near a ceiling light?  If so, the strong light is probably saturating the IR sensor component in the camera and breaking up the image.


          You could either dim the room light if that is possible or use scripting to turn off the IR emitter component (separate from the IR sensor) so that sensor's saturation is reduced.  Lighting conditions in the location you are taking the scan in can affect how much noise is generated, as if the room is too dark or too bright then an IR Emitter component  inside the camera that helps the IR sensor with exposure can cause the IR sensor to become saturated.  You can turn the IR emitter off with scripting.






          Example script:


          * Enables / disables R200 emitter


              public void setEmitterEnabled(int value) {

                  setOption(RealSense.RS_OPTION_R200_EMITTER_ENABLED, value);




          RealSense SDK


          Intel® RealSense™ SDK 2016 R2 Documentation


          Edit: looking at the images some more, it looks like there is a halo of thick noise at ceiling level and the image becomes cleaner the closer to the floor that the scan gets.  This reinforces my impression that a ceiling light source is causing the disruption.

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            Hi, i think you are right, there is a source of light near the camera. I did some tests and it really looks a little better using less light, however it's not good enough. For now we are going to give up on using the RealSense camera, but in the future we might come back to it. Anyway, thanks for your answer!

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              I'm sorry that you weren't able to achieve the results that you had hoped for so far.  I think any inexpensive depth / IR sensing camera is probably going to encounter the same problem with the ceiling light source.  You would probably get better results if the camera was closer to the machine on the floor that you are scanning.  A RealSense project called 'Tanked' that scanned with the R200 camera pointing downwards mounted it to the top of a TV set beside the area being scanned.


              Downward Facing RealSense Camera