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    Intel DP35DP black screen, can't boot



      I have a Intel DP35DP (latest bios), intel X3360 and 8GB RAM(4*2GB). Just switched to Q9550S & the error started. Tried out to boot with E6550, no luck!


      The PC worked great until several days ago. Now it just boot onto a black screen (with an underline in the top left corner).


      I tried to reinstall the BIOS (wtih the ISO image from CD-ROM and the bios jumper out) but it does help as it doesn't boot BIOS at all.


      I removed the cmos battery for over an hour, etc.


      Also, put the PC Analyser card, which hangs on step EB:

      Port 80h POST Codes for Intel® Desktop Boards

      or "calling legacy option ROM". What does that mean?


      Tried to disconnect the CD-ROM, no luck.


      What can I do now?