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    Intel Optane Success!


      Wow, lots of people with Optane install and recognition issues it seems.


      I got my 32GB Optane Memory stick working just fine (AND VERY FAST) as a standalone NVMe ssd drive in an X99 rig. I tried to RAID (2) 32GB sticks but X99 would only recognize one.


      Allyn over at PCPerspective,com raided two sticks with a Z170 board.


      That's ok, picking up X299 in about 3weeks when the Asus Rampage 6 Extreme launches.


      No need to send your sticks back, Optane Memory is the fastest drive on the planet right now, although yea, the capacity is still quite small.


      I was able to install Win10 64 and Microsoft Office 2016 Word and Excel and Powerpoint and AMD workstation video drivers and Acronis etc, basic apps on a single stick, with great success on my work rig.


      Cannot wait for the Intel 900P SSD to launch.


      Thank you Intel!





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          Are you still able to run a secondary HDD on that computer ?

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            Yes and No.


            Yes, I can run as many 3.5in HDDs or 2.5in HDDs or SSDs as storage drives as I need, but with the X99 platform, I am unable to sync/cache the Optane Memory 32GB module(s) with another drive. But its so damn fast on its own it makes no difference in this rig,


            Try running a 32GB Optane SOLO, its a gas man. Yea, I know capacity is so small for now. In 3 to 4weeks when the Rampage 6 Extreme X299 launches, I will be able to RAID up to four (4) of the 32GB Optane Memory modules, and that's enough capacity and lighting fast response time to get me through until Intel launches the 900P Optane Memory SSDs, hoping for later this year Q4, before Christmas would be nice.



            Actually running (3) 2.5inch 1TB SSDs as background storage for the 32GB SOLO Optane module on the workstation rig with a Supermicro 8-bay mobile rack, using only (3) of the 8 bays right now.


            This article below by Allyn of PC Perspective.com explains how to use the 32GB modules SOLO or RAIDed in platforms other than Z270, at least shows the low latency and incredibly fast response times you can achieve, even without sync/caching to another drive.


            Intel Optane Memory 32GB Review - Faster Than Lightning | PC Perspective


            Hope this info helps.


            I will throw up some screen shots if you want to see the Optane Module in action with an X99 mobo.  This stuff is amazing.



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              Intel Corporation
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              Hello iBruce,

              Thanks so much for taking the time to post your review and feedback here. We are glad to see that you are having a good experience with the Intel® Optane™ Memory Module as an SSD.

              Have a nice week and let us know in case you need assistance.

              Nestor C

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                I realize this is Threadripper day, as the platform NDA lifts globally.


                But, my work benefits much more from Optane Memory low latency at Q-Depths 1-4, and quick bursts of 4.5GHz two cores at a time that the 7820X Max Turbo Boost 3.0 offers, so umm I'm staying with Intel.


                Waiting for the Rampage VI Extreme to launch and from reading the manual, it seems as if I can RAID 0 (2) 32GB Optane Memory modules on the DIMM.2 riser card for a 64GB capacity boot drive.


                I've been using Optane Memory for almost one month now, and I'll never go back to standard NVMe drives.


                Dear Intel,


                I realize the M.2 Optane Memory modules are meant to be purposed along with older HDD drives or SATA SSDs, but please help me out with this RAID solution, I am planning on using it ONLY until your Optane Memory PCIe SSDs launch hopefully later this year. The 900P is I guess still a rumor, but whatever you decide to name the drives, I have seen photos of some that resemble the Intel 750 SSD HHHL form factor one with blue activity LEDs and one without.


                Blue activity LEDs Please on even the low capacity Optane SSDs, please do not force us to spend large amounts of money on the larger capacity drives JUST to get the blue LED aesthetic, that would be VERY MEAN of you.


                Trying to get an affirmative answer from Intel engineers to the above proposed solution using the Rampage VI Extreme/7820X CPU in bold text, thank you.




                ROG Rampage VI Extreme_DIMM.2_1.jpg





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                  Intel Corporation
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                  Hi iBruce,

                  Thanks for your response.
                  We will be sending your inquiry to our engineering team and check what can they do about it. We'll keep you posted.

                  Nestor C

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                    Intel Corporation
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                    Hello iBruce,

                    We would like to let you know that in case you would like to use the Intel® Optane™ Module as standalone SSDs, you should have no issues creating a RAID setup and booting from them. The only thing that you need to check with Asus* is if by using the Dimm.2 Rise card the system can setup the RAID since we have seen cases with motherboards having dual M.2 slots and being able to accomplish this goal.

                    We encourage you to contact Asus* and ask for this before giving it a try.

                    Nestor C


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                      Can I begin a 7820X Rampage VI Extreme CaseLabs workstation build log here? I'm from Overclock.net and that's kinda what we do.



                      You know, to help each other out and spread So Much Love.


                      My Intel X299 Workstation is all about functionality, it is by no means a silly ridiculous pointless "show build" which you find so overly plentiful on OCN.net, so maybe I should clarify, this is a scientific client work build using the X299 chipset and top-shelf components to highlight what can truly be accomplished.


                      I have no sponsors although camaraderie is always welcome.





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                        Intel Corporation
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                        Hello iBruce,

                        We definitely welcome you to share your build log through our support community. However you may want to create a new post as a blog or discussion rather than a question.

                        Although it's an unsupported usage, we're sure other users will find this interesting as well.

                        Best regards,
                        Carlos A.