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    Issue with new DH61AG ECS G24 Flat Panel Compatiblity


      Just purchased a new DH61AG to replace my ECS G24 Aura AIO w/3770s and 16 GB Ram and SSD (H61H2-TI fried) Was running Win10 Pro x64, updated new board to BIOS 109 (was 40), selected "ECS 21" in AIO BIOS dropdown menu, bios warns alert of "incorrect settings and possible damage to AIO Hardware and flat panel monitor" (10 point touch, works great), "ECS 24" not an option in drop down, and can not locate specs or data to manually input criteria to get rid of warning. I lowered LED background from brightest to neutral in BIOS and in OS lowered display setting to dim setting.  Otherwise system seems to work fine, anyone else have this or a similar issue?  Solutions? Ideas?