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    setup ssd cache on MS Core Server


      Hello Community.


      I'm looking for possibilities to accelerate our Hyper-V-Core Cluster Nodes who have X99 chipsets with 4 HDDs in raid 5 configuration.


      Therefore I have two questions.


      1. Is it even possible to accelerate the raid system on bios level? Because without a GUI (Core Server) its not possible to use the typical Intel software.
      2. Does the SSD accelerate data inside individual virtual machines? Each VM has Virtual drives that are in one file and bigger than 512 GB.



      ASUS X99-E

      4 X WD 30EFRX RED


      Thanks for the help.

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          Intel Corporation
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          : Thank you very much for joining the Intel® Rapid Storage Technology communities.
          In regard to your first inquiry, that is correct, it might be possible to accelerate the RAID system on BIOS level, the thing is that we do not have the tools to do that, since a graphical interface is needed to install the Intel® RST.
          About your second question, the SSD cache is going to accelerate the virtual driver attached to the controller, but not the virtual drivers of the virtual machine, however they may take advantage of the original acceleration.
          Any further questions, please let me know.
          Alberto R