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    5100 constantly disconnecting


      I have a Sony Vaio VGN-FW375J laptop with an Intel 5100 AGN card in it, running Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit.  Starting several months ago, my card started dropping the connection to whatever wireless network it was connected to, and the problem has gotten worse since then.  It now can stay connected to a given wireless network maybe 15 minutes before it will disconnect and remain unable to connect.  The only solution that I've found is to run the Windows "troubleshooting" tool, which resets the adapter, and then it's able to reconnect (for another 15 minutes or so).


      I'm running the latest drivers.  It happens on multiple wireless routers.  I've tried disabling Wireless N, boosting the power, and, well, every other possible solution I've seen mentioned on the boards.


      Any suggestions?  It certainly smells to me like this is a hardware issue, i.e., my card has gone bad somehow.  My laptop's not under warranty anymore.  Suggestions on how I can acquire a different or new card?

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          What is your wireless router configuration? What model, band, etc..

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            It's a Linksys WRT110, with no security, running version 1.0.02 of the firmware.  (Yes, that's a very old version, but see my experiences here: http://blog.wouldbetheologian.com/2008/12/warning-on-linksys-wrt110-firmware.html.)  I've tried it with version 1.0.07 of the firmware, and it makes no difference to the 5100's ability to stay connected.  I've also reproduced exactly this problem on other networks with different routers; and there was a time, on this Linksys and with this 5100, where they didn't constantly disconnect.  All of that makes it smell like a hardware issue to me.

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              hi Smithkl42,

              Could you try disabling the 2 virtual wifi connexion in the network panel ?

              It works better on my side since it is 'disabled', but I would like to cross check with others if it is the source of disconnexions

              Thanks for telling me



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                Unfortunately, I don't seem to have any virtual wifi connections defined anywhere in my network settings, so presumably that's not the issue :-(.

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                  Hmmm, then try to fix the wifi type: 'g only' for example in your gateway and in your computer. If still some disconnections, try to change the channel in the gateway too. You can also change the roaming value to 'min', to avoid any temptation for hte system to change to another gateway in the neighborhood.

                  Let us know if it's better (or not)

                  - Slywan

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                    I've tried most of that stuff.  I'm pretty sure by this point that it's just bad hardware.  Currently waiting for a new card to come in . . .

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                      I have the same problem on my Dell Studio 15 with Intel 5100. When this happens, the connection drops to 1 Mbps. To recover, I need to either disable and enable the wireless connection manually or run diagnose that practically also resets the wireless connection. I already had my wireless card replaced by Dell but this problem still persists. The driver is already the latest version ( My wireless router is Aztech WL830RT4.


                      Is this a known issue with 5100 to disconnect and unable to reconnect every now & then???

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                        I have been battling this problem since Sept.  I have another laptop and an iPhone which keep connectivity.  I have replaced the router (dlink now have LinksysWRT160N),  router firmware, adapter drivers.  Sony has replaced the adapter and the system board.  After each "correction", it works flawlessly for a while, and then reverts to intermittent.  The last change I made was to disable power shut off from the laptop to the adapter.  That lasted two weeks.  My laptop is a Sony VGN NW150J, Vista 64.  Sony wants me to restore Vista to original system status, re-install everything, etc.  I have refused to do that because of the work effort involved.  Based on the discussion below, it sounds like it's a 5100 problem.  How can we get Intel to remedy this?

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                          Sony wanted me to restore my system as well -- and my reply was, "Sorry, stupid suggestion."  I'm currently waiting for my $20 replacement to arrive from Hong Kong, but if that doesn't work, presumably I'll have to switch adapters.  Apparently Broadcom has an alternative: http://www.google.com/products/catalog?hl=en&q=pci+express+mini+card+wifi+adapter&oq=&gs_rfai=&um=1&ie=UTF-8&cid=7165351447539008311&ei=JOKnS9umM4ycsgPd8sDZAw&sa=X&oi=product_catalog_result&ct=result&resnum=2&ved=0CBsQ8wIwAQ#ps-sellers.  It seems to be the same form factor . . .

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                            I would like you guys to describe "constantly disconnecting". Give me a scenario for reproduction? Were you passing traffic? was the machine on battery or AC? etc..


                            Also..can everyone uninstall the entire build restart the machine and install the latest build

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                              Disconnected from the internet "local access only".  But, local access doesn't work for my wireless printer, so I don't know what "local access" means.  Many of the times, the network connection in the system tray looks OK.  But I can't access a web page or email.  There's no discernable pattern as to what I am doing when it drops.  I can be doing anything off line, replying to an email, spreadsheets, Quicken, and when I try to get to internet, it's disconnected.  Or I can be in an IE browsing session.  And as I said, my router is working for the other laptop & iPhone in the house.


                              To reconnect, I Disconnect, and then select the same network again and connect.  It's works very quickly, I never have to wait for the ISP to come up.

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                                Again, this evening a disconnection. My wife is playing online on the other PC: no problem.

                                DELL Studio XPS16 with Win7 64 Home Premium and latest drivers

                                I'm desperated to see such low maturity level with this 5100 card ... I would around once per evening, this 'thing' disconnects. (hopefully no bluescreen as others) but very annoying....

                                The only way to solve it is to reset the wifi connection. Great.