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    **UPDATE: Want to Remove HDMI 2.0 FIRMWARE.......Yet more NUC7i7BNH issues; this time dual display blackout


      07-14-2017 UPDATE: I would like to see about removing the version 1.66 HDMI 2.0 firmware listed here, as that's when all my problems started for the first time weeks ago. I do not know the procedure to remove this firmware, so those who know, please advise. Thank you!


      Upgraded to latest BIOS just today and my 2nd display (Samsung SyncMaster SA850 27-inch monitor) is now completely black. The Samsung is using a USB-C-to-DVI cable (bought on Amazon here) and was working fine for weeks until my BIOS update today. I think the HDMI 2.0 firmware I installed a few weeks back had something to do with this issue today, as I also had to change adapters when doing this stupid HDMI firmware update. Please let me know if this is a simple fix, it REALLY shouldn't be so difficult to get dual displays to work, but NUCs really seem terrible at it. My main ASUS 27-inch display on HDMI port works just fine.


      See CPU-Z output for my setup data.