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    ROS published topics in monitor


      I was able to add the RPLidar ros node as a euclid node, then added it to a senario just fine, but when I start the senario I'd like to expose the laser_scan topic that is published to the web front end, I haven't seen any examples on how to do that.

      It seems like it's set up to find any published topics but under the configure dropdown I'm only seeing references to the camera topics.

      Is there a way to create custom monitor?


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          Ok, well I actually had to do some digging to get the Create2 (Roomba) working and that led to the answer.

          In a nutshell the monitor-view.js file is what needs to be updated to customize or add a monitor. It's located in the /intel/euclid/public_html/js/modules/views/monitor folder I believe. Just add your new monitor item name to the "montorList" key array, then add a new object/json data to the "monitorPaths" key. If your view is custom then the .html file that is referenced will have to be in the same root dir as the others unless you specify otherwise.

          as long as the monitor path entry and the .html file are subscribing to the published topic then it should be good, I will post when I get he laser scan data monitor working.

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