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    FPS is cutting in half each 3 seconds, a synchronized FPS lowering and raising (lagging) !!!


      Good morning, please help me!

      even if i formatted my computer, reinstalling windows and drivers. Its anyway lagging in videogames (not only games, every programs with 3D/2D renderings).

      A FPS just cutting in 1/2.

      60 FPS to 30 FPS

      40 to 20 etc.

      and this is happening each 3 seconds, a non-stop synchronized lags.

      Why are this fake lags. when my drivers working in a 100% functional.

      Is that virus, or... i dont know... this continues 2-3 years... nothing helps.

      here i diagnosited lag process:

      bandicam 2017-07-13 19-14-23-102.jpg

      ~ HERE THIS STRANGE GROWING AND LOWERING STUFF WITH CPU. I tried to play Far Cry 3 BD with Low Graphic Settings

      My videocard: Intel HD 4600

      second videocard: Nvidia geforce 820M

      my notebook: Acer Aspire E1-772G

      Or.. i think its something about cache-saving problems. for example, if i play after starting windows, turning on computer. Something cache is growing by rendering 3D-Shaders, and in 3-6 minutes playtime my problem is beginning! Maybe this is my windows 8.1 64bit problem, which dont have something administrator permission. oh well, i dont know.

      thank you!