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    Nuc 7i7BNH - screen goes blank (black) periodically in Windows 10 64 bit.




      Since upgrading to the newest bios BNKBL357.86A.0048.EB.EXE my display periodically goes blank (black) for a few seconds and then returns to normal.  This happens several times an hour.


      All drivers are up to date according to the Intel Update utility.  Video driver version is


      I am using Windows 10 64 bit, version 1703,  OS build15063.483 


      It looks a lot like this:


      NUC NUC6i5SYH and LG 31MU97 flickering on DP - YouTube




      Intel Nuc7i7bnh

      32gb ram

      Samsung 960 evo ssd

      Dell 2415Q 4k monitor  (Single display)

      USB C (Thunderbolt) to displayport cable - StarTech.com USB C to Display port cable