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    Why does my screen freeze in high performance mode


      Recently I bought a new Clevo N850HK1 notebook. It has a 7300HQ Intel CPU and uses Intel integraded 630 HD Graphics. Everything works fine, but the PC freezes when I select 'Maximum Performance' as the Graphics Power Plan. After the PC freezes the only thing I can do is restart the computer by holding the power button. When I select 'Balanced Mode' it never freezes. I tested the memory and it works just fine according to all tests I did. Also the SSD can't be the problem as I tried Windows 10 on both SSD and HDD and the result doesn't matter. My assumption is that it has something to do with the iGPU which is built in the CPU. Ussualy this wouldn't matter all that much to me, but when I install a Linux distribution this occurs too, but then I don't know how to switch the powerplan. I tried installing all kinds of driver versions, but this doesn't fix the problem either. Should I go back to the store to get it (I assume my CPU) fixed? Or does anybody know what this problem actually means?


      Picture of different Graphics Power Plans