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    X-25MG2 160GB really slow.


      I have had this drive for a couple of months and it has been working great.  My little issue is shutting down the system.  It takes appox. 12 seconds to shut down.  It usually only take about 4 seconds to shut down after running the toolbox, which I assumes forces a trim command.


      anyway, I used to run the toolbox in about 1.5 minutes when doing it weekly, but I decided to let it run for a few wekks to see how trim work on it by itself.


      well, after 3 weeks it still takes 12 seconds to shut down, but after running the toolbox last night, it took 5.5 minutes ths times and acts like maybe trim hasn't been work at all?


      Is there a way to monitor trim and how often it is run?  Last time it has ran?


      when I installed windows it was in ide mode and a registry tweek to enable ahci and a bios setting has worked so far.   I was told trim still works in IDE mode, but it acts like it's off.  I checked with dos commands and trim is turned on.


      I run as ssd and it reports normal speeds as compared to others on this site.  It runs very well all around, just the inconsistant shut down bothers me.



      I'm using win 7 ult. x64, ich10, ahci mode, msachi drivers, x58 mothrboard.

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          I don't think TRIM is working at all in your config. It should not take 1.5 mins to run TRIM manually. it should take anywhere from 0 to maybe a second or two, and I think that's just the program delay itself.


          I've been using an X25-M drive for a good 5 weeks, and the tool does literally nothing (as expected) if you run a manual TRIM. That is, it runs, 0->100% pretty much instantly. My config: Win 7 Pro x64, ICH9R in AHCI, using msahci (default) driver.



          On my box behind me which I am testing, I have an X25-V with Vista on it. If I do a lot of disk activity (copying, moving, deleting, uninstalling etc.), there is delay as the tool runs, so I know that this is what it really takes when doing a manual TRIM, hence I know that TRIM is working on my win7 computer.


          FYI, normal shutdown here is about 4-5 seconds. haven't timed it, but  that's my guess, and it hasn't changed.


          My guess is that your installation as IDE mode is at fault, and you may want to look at the command to see if windows is issuing TRIM command from filesystem (can't remember off the top of my head). Worst case, a reinstall might be needed.

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            The "fsutil behavior query|set DisableDeleteNotify" command is on by default and means Windows 7 is sending the TRIM command, but it does not mean the TRIM command is passing through to your SSD; for example. if you are using RAID, TRIM will not work. There are a number of issues listed in the Read Me of why TRIM would not work; one such issue is not having Disk Defragmenter disabled or turned off. Since you have "normal" speeds running AS SSD, TRIM appears to be working.


            You can see the last time TRIM was run under Intel SSD Management Tools>Status--shown in Intel SSD Toolbox.


            The length of time it takes your computer to shut down is way too long, and I don't think it has anything to do with TRIM. I suggest you do a reinstall of Windows 7 with BIOS set to AHCI.

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              The SSD Optimizer on my system was taking 4hrs to run.  The problem was my restore points in system restore.  The more you have, the longer it takes.  I deleted them and it ran in under a second.

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                You can also disable system restore and use a second SSD or HDD for backing up periodically. You can also disable Hibernation and save space.

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                  HDDErase 3.3 will make wonders and it is only right solution for these drives.

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                    I have reinstalled windows and it seems fine so far, will let you know if it gets any worse.


                    aso, why HDDerase?  what does it do to make any difference over other optimizers?  or is this just spam?

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                      Its the System Restore and this seems to be a common problem when the system creates restore points.  There is a new thread started that discuss what I and others seem to be encountering....so far Intel has not jumped in.

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                        No, it is not only the system restore in this case. He had normal speeds. The problem was his computer taking a long time to shut down, which he solved by reinstalling Windows. Check his first post in this thread. Now he did complain of TRIM taking a long time to run, but with normal speeds, this could possibly be solved with just reinstalltion of Windows. Seems to me that those with system restore issues have their speeds affected, however, someone else mentioned TRIM running-time issue solved by deleting restore points.

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                          Actually, since he is using Windows 7 and msahci driver, there is no need to run Optimizer. Still, from what seems to be the case, deleting old restore points seems like a good idea, just leave last one available or backup with a different method and disable system restore.


                          I don't use system restore, so I don't know if having lots of restore points affects how TRIM runs automatically, not via Toolbox, just automatically.

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                            His case sounds exactly like that that is surfacing everywhere with respect to system restore being on and manual trim taking a long time.  The conclusion I am making is, as Optimizer is taking so long, TRIM is not working correctly.  The common factor to what we are seeing (lower performance, longer optimization, slower boot/shut down) seems to always be system restore.


                            I am truly of the opinion that System Restore reaks havoc on ones system and I wish I knew a few that had the G1 to test the theory if they have system restore running.

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                              But he has "normal speeds." I haven't seen anyone with system restore issue saying they had normal speeds.


                              This is what he said in first post: "I run as ssd and it reports normal speeds as compared to others on this  site.  It runs very well all around, just the inconsistant shut down  bothers me."

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                                I don't recall attributing only lack of performance to the problem we are seeing with people using System Restore.


                                I would be more concerned of the optimizer taking 5 plus minutes than my shut down time.  To me this is an indication that TRIM is not working properly and is very indicative of the System Restore Issue.


                                There are ways to tackle the shut down issue in any case but, in my opinion, he is speaking about exactly what I am suggesting.


                                From www.myw7blog.blogspot.com




                                f. Speed Up Your Shut Down Time Windows 7 allows you to control your shut down time and allows it to be set from instantaneous to a 20 second delay. In considering this, your work habits need to be thought of and whether or not there is data being saved on exit. My shut down time is set at 2 seconds which I find a perfect setting as I hate waiting for a computer to shut down. We need to go into the Registry for this one so buckle up! Press Winkey +’R’ and type ‘Regedit’ which brings you to the Registry Editor; Follow” HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control and then look to the right to find WaitToKillServiceTimeOut and double click on it. You can enter a value from 2 to 20000, each value representing a millisecond. Two seconds would be 2000; and Again click OK and then simply exit the program; it will be saved automatically.

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                                  I never said only performance issues with regard to speed is attributable to system restore. I am saying I haven't seen anyone with "normal speeds" having that issue with system restore. I know system restore can cause longer times to run TRIM via SSD Toolbox.


                                  First of all, he has msahci driver and I don't know why he runs Optimizer. He has TRIM running automatically. He has reported back that reinstalling Windows solved all his problems, which could be because there aren't lots of restore points; however, this at the moment is just an assumption. If he lets the system restore points accumulate as before and reverts back to same problem, then he should know to either delete old restore points or disable system restore and use a different way to backup.

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                                    OK, I started having 12 seconds shut off times agaian about a week ago.  I have been waiting for TRIM to have time to run.  I figured a week was more than enough time for it to run.


                                    I installed the toolbox (1.3 dated 3/22/10 apparently a new version) and run times were less than a second.  I thought for sure it was a glitch or I hit the wrong key or something, but when I hit shut down it took about 4 seconds!


                                    Is there a way to find out when TRIM was last run?  How do I force a TRIM command? and What triggers a TRIM command?


                                    Does this new aiStor work well?  Is it worth installing?  or should I just wait for the next updated driver?


                                    Thanks a ton for your help


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