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    Need help with failed BIOS update, bricked DQ45CB.


      Recently I just bought a second-handed DQ45CB board,

      which comes with some weird BIOS version: CBQ4510H.86A.0016.2008.0428.1516

      that is even older than the first public release: CBQ4510H.86A.0051.2008.0813.2253

      I guess it comes from an engineering sample or something? Anyway.


      The hardware monitor in BIOS menu doesn't seem to work (with every entry shown N/A),

      therefore I think a BIOS update might be helpful.

      After iflash2.exe's automatic reboot, the system hanged.

      I waited for more than 10 minutes for the flash to be finished,

      but the system never responded,

      and I got a non-functional system after a manual reset.

      No video, no beep (with or without memory), no recovery mode (tried with CD-ROM and USB stick method).


      I do have a USB/SPI dongle that can be used to program the Winbond W25X32 SPI flash chip,

      however the official BIOS file downloaded from Intel is in EFI capsule format,

      which is intended to be parsed by the working BIOS and do a self update,

      and cannot be programmed directly to a flash rom.


      My question is,

      does Intel provide to download the 4MB BIOS rom image anywhere on the website,

      or is there any tool that can construct a rom image from the EFI capsule?

      Or even more directly, has anyone made a BIOS dump or is able to make one to send me?

      I'll only use it for recovery purpose.


      Thanks in advance!

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          Looks like you bought an engineering sample, and it is quite risky to upgrade BIOS on an engineering sample...

          There is no way to get any BIOS ROM file, because the ROM file will not include any AA#, SN and MAC address.

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            I'm not pretty sure about this...

            Since for many motherboards it is able to use a EEPROM programmer to rescue a broken BIOS.

            Maybe they know which block not to overwrite, or maybe the S/N and MAC address is stored in a separate NVRAM?

            Not sure what is the case for Intel boards though.


            I guess my best try is to buy another second-handed board and clone the BIOS image,

            but I just really don't need another spare motherboard...


            Anyone have experience with Intel support center?

            Are they able to help with this kind of situation if I'm willing to pay a few bucks?