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    dual monitor setup blinking/flickering


      I went dual monitor setup with my NUC7i7BNH (32gb Samsung ram and 960 M.2 NVME SSD).

      And from time to time I'm getting a 1-2 seconds of black screen ONLY on the LG 27UD88-W monitor connected to the nuc with the provided by LG USB-C cable.

      The other monitor Eizo Fs2332 connected through HDMI works OK and does not suffer any problems at all, even at the time when LG starts blinking.

      The LG I'm using with my desktop computer on 4k resolution via Display Port... no problems at all, hard gaming, movies, streams...rock solid.

      I did research on internet and here in the forum, the flickering/blinking seems to be common problem with dual/triple monitor setups or if USB-C connection or USB-C to HDMI/DP adapter is used.

      I also tested many configurations. Windows 10 fresh install, windows 10 fully upgraded, old drivers, new drivers, old bios, new bios...the problem is there, it does not show up frequently and I have no idea what is triggering it, but it appears from time to time and really annoys me.

      I found out (during my research on the issue) that very different setups having this issue, dell monitors, HP monitors, asus monitors...mine is LG, experts advising cables changing, adapters changing, but the only common thing always is the intel hardware.

      At the moment I'm with all drivers updated, windows fully updated, latest bios... and the problem is here.

      So my question, Intel, are you going to fix this issue, because we are suffering from this, we paying good amount of money for these NUCs and want them working as expected. And you seems to be ignoring the problem (based on my research) for years. If there is something you can't fix, or some configurations not working as expected, state it so we can consider it when we are choosing our computers.


      Thank You.

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          Intel Corporation
          This message was posted on behalf of Intel Corporation

          Hello nikiangel,
          Thank you for contacting the Intel community.
          I’m sorry for any inconvenience this has caused to you.
          In this case, you said that you have the latest drivers and BIOS installed, perhaps you are suffering the Intel Hyper-Threading Issue; just make sure that you really have the latest BIOS version, latest BIOS fixes this problem, you can check here:
          Now, I assume you have the latest graphics driver which is version .4678, we have seen flickering issues with this latest graphics driver and it was resolved rolling back to the previous driver version, you can download the previous driver here:
          Intel® Graphics Driver Beta [15.45]
          I recommend test this graphics driver and please let me know how it goes.
          Best regards,
          Ivan U.

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            thank you for the information. I was with bios #46, now I see there is 48. I just flashed to #48.

            I'm with hd_graphics driver 4678 (it is the latest on your site).

            Downloads for Intel® NUC Kit NUC7i7BNH

            As you stating that this version has flickering issues, I'm going to revert to the one suggested by you (4614).

            I hope this will solve the problem with the blinking/flickering.


            Best Regards,

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              And now it got worse than before.

              After I installed the driver suggested by you, the installation requested restart, after the restart there was no picture at all on my Eizo. I decided it could be some temporary glitch, turned off the nuc and switched it back on after couple of seconds. Everything was ok.

              I started to watch some stream on twitch... and the flickering/blinking appeared worse than ever before.

              I was able to make a video to record it:

              Intel nuc7i7bnh flickering - YouTube

              This is really annoying issue and I really need your support on this as it is preventing me to use the product for my needs.


              Best Regards,


              And hoping that if I go from the driver you suggested to the latest on your site will make some difference, I again installed the latest graphics driver available...same problem.

              Would you escalate this to your engineers as it's really not acceptable your products to behave like this?


              Thank You.


              Another test I did (latest video drivers, latest bios) but I decided to change the browser, first video was with google chrome (latest version) now I tested with firefox (also latest version).

              It seems that the problem appears more often when I go full screen, it does not matter on which monitor is the full screen, the problem is always with the USB-C connected monitor.

              Nuc7i7bnh flickering 2 - YouTube


              Trying to help with feedback how to simulate the issue, but your engineers really need to start looking at it and provide a solution, or statement that this hardware setup canot be fixed. Which will be really sad story.


              I edited this post couple of times in the last 2 hours sharing my findings while trying to debug the problem and trying to give you the best information to work with, even that it's not my job.

              Now it's up to you Intel.

              Do not disappoint your customers!

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                Intel Corporation
                This message was posted on behalf of Intel Corporation

                Thank you for the information, we really appreciate it and I’m sorry for any inconvenience; please be aware that we have similar reports and we were able to replicate it.
                We will be working to solve this issue at the following thread:
                Some work around users do is to low the refresh rate to 30Hz for now.
                Best regards,
                Ivan U.