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    Netflix audio problems



      I recently got myself a 7i3BNH and while it works fine the Netflix app does not. Netflix support pages suggest audio problems even though there is no specific fix for error U7361-1253-C00D6D60 which is the one I'm getting. After trying all their suggested fixes without success I thought I'd ask here if anyone has had a similar issue with their NUCs. What makes this error especially annoying is that a title will start to play and then after 5 to 15 mins fail.

      Using the browser player works fine but then I loose 5.1 audio which is why I'm using the app in the first place.


      I'm running W10 pro 64 on the machine. All drivers are up to date as of 170706 and the app has been reinstalled numerous times.


      edit: I found this thread, Netflix, D34010WYK and 5.1 audio , but I want pass-through audio and considering that thread it three years old I kinda though the issue would be gone by now.


      Edit 2: I get the same error with 2.0 audio but, and this makes me think it has more to do with Netflix than drivers, their own content seems to work fine. Total recall borks after a few minutes but okja ran fine for 1,5h until I turned it off.




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