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    Update TXE Firmware on NUC Model:DE3815TYKE


      I am trying to update the TXE ON NUC Model:DE3815TYKE to version The BIOS version on the NUC is TYBYT10H.86A.0060.2017.0517.1042


      I am using the FWUpdateTool

      This is the command I ran: $ FwUpdLcl64.efi –F Production_VLV_SEC_REGION.bin -allowsv


      Errors I get:


      Error 8741 : FW Update Failed.

      Error 8704 : Firmware update operation not permitted due to a SKU mismatch


      On running the TXEInfo Utility, the Host Write Access to the TXE is disabled.


      1. How do I enable the Host Write Access to the TXE ?