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    general inquiries for intel real sense 3d


      Dear Sir/Madame,

      Good Day!

      I have few questions regarding the intel real sense 3D camera and I want to ask advice from the support team.

      We are a company which mainly focusses on Jewelry products.

      1. Can we use Intel Real Sense 3D Camera to scan all kinds of jewelries in different sizes specially the small details?
      2. Which 3d camera can you recommend us to the job? (can scan smallest details of jewelries)
      3. Can we get the whole texture and colors after scanning?
      4. Can we embed the 3D files to our own website?
      5. Do you have any links for demonstration videos regarding scanning of jewelries using the Intel Real sense 3D camera?

      I just wanna ask also if after scanning the Mesh of the 3d Object, The file that we can get is .OBJ or .FBX. Is there any changes of textures and colors when we open it to other software like 3Ds Max or Rhinoceros?

      Thank you very much. Looking forward for your kind response to my questions. All the Best.

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          1 & 2.  For scanning small objects, the SR300 camera model is best suited.  The R200 camera is better at scanning larger objects and the human body.  The minimum scan distance of the SR300 is 0.20 m, whilst the R200's minimum distance is 0.30 m.


          I have seen what appears to be closer-range scans such as skin, though there may be increased noise, lines and surface break-up on the scan.  Some people get around scanning quality problems by generating what is known as a Point Cloud and then converting that cloud into a model.


          With the SR300, you can use an instruction called SetIVCAMFilterOption that enables you to alter the camera's depth scanning parameters to provide high accuracy at close / very close range scan.


          Intel® RealSense™ SDK 2016 R2 Documentation


          3.  You can get the color information by converting your exported .OBJ model into .PLY format.  The .PLY file can then be imported into a modeling package such as Blender for further editing.  The article below explains how.


          Intel RealSense 3D scanning: How To Scan then Prep for Blender & Unity | Intel® Software


          4.  As you said, RealSense can export .OBJ format files.  These could be displayed on a website using an .OBJ model viewer webpage script.  I have used such a viewer script myself in the past.  For examples, google for '.obj model viewer javascript'.


          I have no information about how a model's colors will be affected when imported into a particular package.  For example, I found in my own work with the Unity game engine that far more of the original color and texture information was retained if I imported the .OBJ model directly into Unity instead of into a package such as SketchUp and then exporting it from SketchUp again before bringing it into Unity.


          5.  I was not able to find demonstration videos of RealSense being used to scan jewelry, unfortunately.