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    WebGL rendering issue with Intel HD Graphics 620 and Windows 10


      Steps to reproduce the problem:

      1. Open https://sayduck.com/3d/jhqw?starting-variant=0od32t8kalqa on a computer with an Intel HD Graphics 620 (or 520).

      2. The rendering is completely wrong.


      What is the expected behavior?

      On a machine with an Intel HD Graphics chipset, the rendering looks like this:


      It should look like this:


      That correct screenshot was taken from a computer with a different GPU chip. Also, I tried updating the Intel drivers to the latest version with no impact. Disabling hardware acceleration for webGL (ie. use the CPU for rendering) fixed the issue (both on Chrome and Firefox).


      What went wrong?

      The rendering of WebGL is completely wrong on computers with an Intel HD Graphics (tested with chipset 620 and 520 on Windows 10).

      However, no errors are present in any of the major browsers' console, and support should be fine for both webGL and webGL2 on the computer (see attached webGL report files).

      Also, the Graphics Feature Status of chrome://gpu has all elements green and "Hardware accelerated" (except for Native GpuMemoryBuffers which is not supported on Windows).