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    NUC6i7KYK - no signal on TV after switching screen OFF and ON



      I have an issue that really drives me crazy. My configuration is:

      NUC6i7KYK connected to LG UHD 4K 55UH605V via HDMI cable, screen resolution is set to 3840 x 2160 @ 60Hz

      Latest BIOS 00.48

      Latest Display Driver

      HDMI 2.0 Firmware 0x20

      I'm using Intel Driver Update Utility and all drivers are up to date.


      Now, I've set in Windows Power Options to switch off the display after 30 minutes inactivity, my Power Scheme is set to Balanced and I completely disabled Sleep mode. Now the best part, almost every time when my screen is switching off and I want to wake NUC by moving mouse cursor or touching the keyboard I can hear the sound through the speakers that NUC has woken up but my screen is not coming back (No signal), in order to make it work again I need to unplug and plug back HDMI cable.

      I have tested it with 3 HDMI cables, all HDMI High Speed with Ethernet, tested with Intel Ready Mode installed and uninstalled, no difference, the issue is still here.

      Another scenario, I'm switching TV from HDMI 1 to HDMI2, going back to HDMI 1 and I have (No signal) on my display, again I need to unplug and plug back HDMI cable.

      The issue is occurring around 4 times per 5 tries, not all the time, sometimes the display is coming back but usually I have to unplug and plug back HDMI cable.


      It's not an issue with the TV as I also use Intel Compute Stick x5-z8300 with 4K@30Hz resolution.


      Please help as I considering to return the device if I don't resolve it.