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    i7 7700k temperature overheat, temperature spikes, cpu pll stock overvoltage, two core lower room temp (bad sensors)


      Hello Intel,

      Here is the list of i7 7700k issues i have:

      1) Starting to testing a new i7 7700k i see temperature spikes. Temps goes from 40 to 70 degrees just opening a browser, then lower again to 40 degrees in less then a few seconds.

      2) Hypertreading has a crash bug so we can not use it, Intel is investigating from April but still no fix ([WARNING] Intel Skylake/Kaby Lake processors: broken hyper-threading)

      3) Cpu overheat at stock. A Prime 95 AVX test goes over 85 degrees with watercooler Termaltake Water 3.0 240, it goes near 95 with stock air cooler, in less then 10 minutes.


      I noticed that all motherboards are overvolting (at stock with any reason and without XMP) PLL OC to 1.2v. So I ve lowered it to 1.0v as datasheet says and package temperature is now at 65 degrees on full load, so is acceptable,

      but this has caused a fourth problem:


      4) When CPU PLL OC is lower then 1.2v two core 4 degrees lower on idle and up to 12 degrees lower on full load. They are also lower then room temp (bad readings?).

      Ex: 30-31-22-20 (idle) 65-64-55-50 (full load). (room temp 28).


      I tried i7 7700k with different motherboards (ASROCK z270 and MSI z270), i tried three different processors, two different PSU. Nothing change.

      This is a common story with i7 7700k. I've heard at least five customers with similar problems (i know them personally), also forums are full.

      How is possible to sell a CPU with so much problems, for so many users and not give a safe answer to customers for many months?

      We are waiting for an answer for each issue.

      Thank you for your support.