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    Windows 7x64 support NUC7i7BNH ??


      I was in a rush because my work computer dies and purchased a bare bones NUC7i7BNH with the intent to install Windows 7x64 Ultimate.  (There are compatibility issues with Windows 10 with peripherals at work, so that wasn't an option - and I already have the W7x64U install)  Had the USB 3.0 issue of course, and resolved that with the Intel Creator Utility.  The install went fine and only when I get to the driver and download page do I find out that none of the Intel drivers say they support Win 7.  Even the box is came in doesn't say it will only run Windows10.  I was able to install a Network Controller LAN driver and that worked so I can at least do basic work.  But I have no sound or Bluetooth and a number of other drivers which limits what I can do.   The graphics driver (and others) install which says win 7/8/8.1/10 begins the install and then says I don't have a qualifying product.  I am assuming this is because it is checking that I have Win10 on the 7i7 and since I don't it terminates the install.  The IDUU also only returns the Realtek 3.5mm jack driver as the only available driver for Win7x64.  that also doesn't work - and I assume because the digital sound associated with the HDMI is not functioning.


      Are there any workarounds to allow Win7 to fully run on this NUC?  I currently feel like I've wasted a whole lot of time and money dealing with this.

      Thank you